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Doctors and nurses are more likely to seek help from a complementary practitioner, and they are two times as likely as their administrative colleagues to self-administer alternative medicine treatments. We as humans are currently in evolution of our time, where balance and integration is made up of spirit, mind, and body. When one part of the body or mind is not working properly it affects the whole person. 

Authentic Soul


We focus on the physical, mental and emotional elements of the body to maintain wellness. With natural supplements, workshops, recipes, blood work related diets, we offer a great deal of alternative recommendations. Those can be healing habits such as eliminating toxins, exercising, eating a nutritious diet, getting enough sleep and obtaining plenty of antioxidant intake to kill free radicals. 

Your Life


Words and thoughts are seeds, what are you planting in your life? Live out your destiny, cultivate the healthiest possible inner you and create a solid foundation that will have the capacity to carry on whatever you want to build and last. 

About The Practitioner

Inna Rekeil, HHP

 Inna Rekeil is an Alternative Medicine Practitioner with a Master of Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine from American College of Healthcare Sciences. In early 2000s, on a quest to heal her family's health matters that were unsolvable by Western medicine, she found her love and passion for natural medicine.

     Presently, Inna takes on an intergrative approach with cancer patients at US Oncology through one-on-one consultations, where she provides nutritional, therapeutic and lifestyle recommendations to achieve optimal wellness during and post-treatment for chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation. The patients receive guidance and support in what they know now as, "the new norm" during and post cancer treatment.

     Inna is fully committed to helping her clients live healthy and happy lives. She focuses on the prevention of many chronic illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. She also works with various clients in addressing their acute health issues, premature aging, nutritional assessments, skin complications and their total optimal wellness. 

 Inna is an ambassador for Hippocrates Health Institute as well, offering a variety of wellness programs and their positive lifestyle approach that can transform one’s life, health and future. 

     The human anatomy is quite intricate, however, her approach is intelligible. She has a passion for helping clients identify and attain their optimal health goals mindfully. In her free time, Inna enjoys traveling, the outdoors, surfing, cooking, dancing and music.



Cliona O'Hara, CEO of Provider Service Group

    Inna Rekeil helped me in my late 20's with an issue of Rosacea and acne breakouts on my face and neck, I also had severe bloating and discomfort. 

     I had spent tens of thousands of dollars on dermatologists, visiting some of the highest rated physicians in NY city on Park Avenue. Over several years I took antibiotics, applied steroid creams and actually had painful injections in my neck. All of these treatments were very expensive, time consuming, painful and came with other side effects. All results were short term but the acne and inflammation always came back. 

     Finally Inna told me let's look at your blood and see if you have sensitivity to certain foods and then the journey began. 

     She did an IGG test with me and discovered I had a high sensitivity to gluten and wheat products. I immediately removed gluten from my diet and my skin cleared up in 2 weeks, I also no longer had bloating. 

     Since then I have turned to Inna for advice on health, I am forever greatful to her for solving my mystery issue after years of trying pharmaceutical medications. 

     Now my skin is clear and I feel confident again, my health has truly improved and I trust her to guide me with my health and nutrition. 

Evan Sacks, Attorney at Law, Sacks and Sacks, LLP.

A profound ongoing search for my health conditions in my current busy life as a litigation attorney and On-Broadway hit producer, a personal and professional relationship with Inna Rekeil has given me the flexibility in having high quality nutritional professional care. I trust her and have confidence in her truly thorough nutritional care service. In return, my attribute to sustaining good health has led me to a lack of complications in the future. 

Danny Calder, MPH Director, Health Action League

Inna serves as a Healthy Cooking Instructor for Health Action League, where she conducts healthy cooking classes for youth in East Harlem. Every week Inna comes up with a nutritious and delicious meal for the students to prepare. The students love working with Inna. She always has a positive attitude, and ensures the classes are fun and informative. The way she talks about nutrition is extremely easy to understand, and she excites and motivates you to eat healthier. It is obvious that Inna has a passion for healthy eating, and brings this passion into the classroom. 

Karl Gregory Gerasimov, CFA, MBA Managing Director

     I’ve known Inna Rekeil personally for over 15 years now and I can truly say she is one of a kind. Inna is extremely personable, friendly and intelligent which allows her to be a great conversationalist. She has the unique ability for a complete stranger to feel comfortable and speak openly to her as if he/she had known her for a lifetime.

     Everyone whom she ever meets through all walks of life would certainly agree that Inna Rekeil has a knack for building meaningful relationships. Whether she is attending a casual event or a charity gala; Inna has the keen ability and knowledge to assimilate into any situation and make profound new relationships that last. This is exactly why her professional network continues to grow as she has focused her energy on education, health and integrative medicine sessions.

     It is no surprise that all her students consistently vote her as their favorite teacher each year. I feel very lucky and privileged to have such an amazing person as Inna in my life as my dear friend.

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